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What You’ll Find Here

  • Proven strategies for how to engage in healthy relationships using effective communication skills.
  • Parenting and teaching advice for how to teach your kids social skills.
  • Straightforward conflict management and conflict resolution skills.
  • Life lessons about values for personal development like setting healthy boundaries.

Chelsea King
Registered Psychologist

“I really appreciated all the information and tools. It was beneficial to take a training and walk away with applicable information both personally and professionally. Suzanne’s presentation style made it easy to be engaged while learning the information.”

Foundation For All You’ll Find Here




Live Your Best Life

We all have unlimited potential. I help you cultivate your potential for the best life possible by teaching, consulting, and writing.

I have been through the ups and downs of life. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, confused, and frustrated. With proven strategies for personal development, I will help you get clear on living your best life while helping your kids live theirs.

Practical Strategies to Foster Resilience, Joy, and Empathy

Making a difference through building meaningful connections is the foundation for living a fulfilled life. Our foundation for living a fulfilled life begins with our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. 

Change doesn’t happen in an instant. It’s the result of our actions over time. My life mission is to share practical strategies for personal growth that make a difference. These strategies are presented through stories to help make sense of how to practice the concepts explored.

We all have a chance to be incredible.

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Create a Positive Learning Experience

Educators and family members play an important role in creating a positive learning experience for young people. These positive learning experiences are reinforced by helping kids make sense of soft skills like active listening, assertive communication, conflict resolution skills, and conflict management styles.

In today’s world, it’s the norm for children, including high school students, to struggle with self-esteem issues. Help your kids achieve high self-esteem by teaching them good communication skills to set them up for success. 

Inform and Inspire

With many opportunities to share space with children, youth, and adults of all ages and abilities, I have spent a significant part of my career as an educator working to get at the core of learning and education. Most importantly, I have been a practitioner. I have also been a consultant, mediator, parent, and coach and now share what I have learned in my Blog, books, and other resources.

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Make a Difference

You have landed in the right spot with practical strategies, concepts to understand, and ideas educators and parents can quickly implement about creating space for self and others. Shape the future we envision. Together we can make a difference.

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Shape the Future

An avid storyteller, published fiction and nonfiction author, and an international speaker. With a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis Management and a Master’s degree in Education, I’ve merged my passion for storytelling with my expertise in resolving conflicts to write children’s books that teach important life lessons and social skills to kids.

Social Emotional Learning

An excellent social-emotional book for kids, ‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ is about a modern-day hero who takes us on a journey of setting healthy boundaries in relationships. Embedded in my roots as a Canadian Metis woman, this children’s book shares cultural aspects of the lives of young Canadian girls. We are made of unique individuals, and our diversity makes us stronger. Ada’s story is the best book for 4th-grade girls navigating identity and peer relationships.

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What People Say

I have learned and will take these tools I learned today in my professional and personal life. Fantastic Suzanne & I will follow up.

Emily K. , College Instructor

Great energy, personable, easy to relate, shared great knowledge.

Christopher P. , High School Teacher

Very dynamic – research-based and practical! Loved your authenticity and ease! Thanks for the growth piece.

Gwen Z. , Elementary School Teacher

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Discover More About Why I Do What I Do

Being a mother, grandmother, and retired Chartered Mediator, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in education and conflict management to bring important lessons to life through writing, consulting, and books.

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“Suzanne is very clear and concise with what she wants and is highly adaptable. She isn’t afraid of work and learns at a ferocious pace which enables her to effectively get work done and do so with passion. An expert in her field she is not one to hoard knowledge, in fact she is quite the opposite and her teaching heart comes through immediately with the way she attacks the challenge of passing on what she knows to whomever is willing to learn. Combine that with a thirst for innovation and love of technology and you get someone who will transfer her knowledge to you while at the same time encourage and energize you”

— Tyler Wall, Instructional Technology Lead

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