Complete List for How to Teach Teens Communication Skills

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In this blog post, I share a list of the most comprehensive strategies and resources for how to teach teens communication skills. 

If you’re a high school teacher looking to incorporate communication skills into your lessons, you’re in luck. This blog post has several tried and true strategies and lesson plans to help your students learn how to practice effective communication skills. 

Teaching High School Students Communication Skills

High school can be a time of great emotional stress for students. Learning to communicate effectively is an essential life skill for students and will help them throughout their lives. As educators, we help our students develop social skills by teaching them effective strategies for communication. 

Effective Communication Skills for Teens

For more than two decades, I have worked with high school students. I’ve also raised my children and used these strategies during their teen years.  

The blog posts listed below include effective communication skills and techniques easily added to unit and lesson plans. These are some of the themes you will find:

  • communication skills
  • active listening
  • soft skills
  • nonverbal communication
  • nonverbal cues
  • emotional intelligence
  • digital communication
  • interpersonal skills
  • types of communication
  • critical skills
  • communication style

Teachers are welcome to copy these strategies in unit and lesson planning.

Featured Blog Post

TACT (Teens and Conflict Together)


How to Teach Teens Valuable Communication Skills


Exclusive Conflict Resolution Resources


If you are an educator, parent, or grandparent and looking for practical strategies to use with children, concepts to understand, and ideas that can be easily implemented about how to create space for self and others, you have landed in the right spot.

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Children learn how to solve problems the same way they learn how to read, write, and add. Like reading, writing, and adding, there are three specific components to solving problems. These are teachable skills children can learn at any age.


TACT (Teens and Conflict Together): A Facilitator’s Guide for Empowering Youth to Engage in Creative Problem Solving: Petryshyn, MA., Chartered Mediator, Suzanne: 9781451516593: Books – (2022).

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