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  • How to Instill Healthy Values in Your Children

    How to Instill Healthy Values in Your Children

    Do you want to raise responsible and respectful kids? This post explores how to instill healthy values in your children. Values Guide Decisions Values guide our decision-making and ultimately lead to our quality of life. They are the foundation of our successes and our peace of mind. As parents, grandparents, and teachers, we teach our…

  • How to Teach Kids to Set Healthy Boundaries

    How to Teach Kids to Set Healthy Boundaries

    This blog post shares the tools children need to successfully navigate relationships and set healthy boundaries for their social and emotional well-being. You’ll get helpful strategies for engaging children in conversations to prepare them for setting healthy boundaries throughout their lives. Strategies to Help Kids Set Healthy Boundaries Teaching kids how to set healthy boundaries…

  • Children’s Book about Values

    Children’s Book about Values

    This blog post is about a new children’s book about values that teaches children the value of setting healthy boundaries. A heartwarming story promoting self-love, self-regulation, and effective communication skills. Teach Kids How to Set Boundaries How do you teach your kids about setting boundaries when they feel bullied? It can be a delicate subject,…

  • Children’s Book Ada and Her Magic Feather

    Children’s Book Ada and Her Magic Feather

    This blog post is about my new children’s book, ‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ (2022). Children’s Book Teaches Social Skills Raising Resiliency I am overjoyed with the outcome of this love project! My soul tribe has worked tirelessly to ensure Ada, Kokum, and Magic Feather come to life in a meaningful way for girls and…

  • How Children’s Books Empower Children to Embrace Courage

    How Children’s Books Empower Children to Embrace Courage

    This blog post is about how children’s books empower children to embrace courage. Background During the week of International Women’s Day, it seems like the right time to share what I’ve been up to in 2022. Early in the year, someone told me this year is Twenty Plenty Two. This resonated with me as many…

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