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Hi! Thank you for stopping by to discover my books. You will find they are written to encourage readers to explore the values about conflict we inherit and develop throughout our lives. You will see my books help families and educators negotiate the challenges of conflict situations to ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties.

Even the most well-intentioned people find themselves in a conflict situation with their peers or colleagues. The practical strategies shared in my books show you how to navigate a situation using tools everyone knows and can apply immediately. Conflict management is an acquired skill and just like throwing a ball, swimming, or playing the piano, we can develop this skill through practice.

One of the most important skills parents can teach their children is how to manage conflict in a healthy way. If we can teach our children skills about managing conflict, they will be prepared and confident to face them as adults.

The books are all about love as the glue that holds relationships together, and how it is love that helps us find solutions to the conflicts we encounter. Love for self, and then others. It is all about how we can come to a positive outcome when there is a conflict. How we set and maintain healthy boundaries around communication, interests, and needs. How we can find a solution which is beneficial to everyone.

After reading my books with proven models for conflict management, when a problem arises, you will be prepared to determine what action needs to be taken and break down the steps required to resolve the issue. You will work through practicing appropriate assertive communication skills to feel more confident in situations where you may have felt less powerful in the past. Using a step-by-step method to manage conflict will help you to navigate difficult situations and maintain positive relationships.

My Books

Ada and Her Magic Feather (2022)

Take Charge of the Tough Talks: 7 Truths about Conflict Management (2015)

TACT (Teens and Conflict Together): A Facilitator’s Guide for Empowering Youth to Engage in Creative Problem Solving (2011)

‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ (2022) Book Cover

Ada and Her Magic Feather

A powerful coming-of-age story encapsulating the importance of family, the value of courage, and the transformative power of friendship. In a modern-day girl power tale, Ada, a 3rd grader, navigates setting boundaries with people around her. Balancing her fears with courage, her grandmother and Magic Feather keep a watchful eye as they help prepare her for a life-shaping experience.

‘Take Charge of the Tough Talks’ (2015) Book Cover

Take Charge of the Tough Talks

The life lessons I learned from my dad, our family, and our community shaped my desire to promote understanding to people in conflict. My passion and spark are in providing strategies for people to speak their truth in a way that will help them to find solutions.

“TACT’ (2011 Book Cover

TACT (Teens and Conflict Together)

A six-session, skills-based program designed for facilitation by professionals in school and community systems. Structured to provide youth with opportunities for reflection on personal communication styles, conflict management styles and values.

Discover More About Why I Do What I Do

Being a mother, grandmother, and retired Chartered Mediator, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in education and conflict management to bring important lessons to life.

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“As a student, I sometimes get frustrated when education is more about producing and measuring results than the learning process. However, that is not the case in Suzanne’s communication class at the Lethbridge College. She has an in-depth knowledge and passion about interpersonal communication, and is oftentimes able to explain course content with pragmatic approaches. We were lucky to have Suzanne as an instructor, because I will be applying what she taught in class for the rest of my career.”

— Eric Wong, Recreation Therapist

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